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Shredding parties – the latest business trend to hit the UK

Already proving popular in the US, ‘SHREDDING PARTIES’ are the business equivalent of Ann Summers parties for 2014, according to PHS Datashred which is trialling a new ‘Party Pack’ product for office staff in London.

The UK’s largest workplace services provider is leaping on the growing trend of people hosting ‘shredding parties’ as reported by the Evening Standard this month.

Research suggests that shredding can be attributed to better mental health, better physical health and better general wellbeing as people are proven to feel less stressed after shredding a document.

The PHS Datashred ‘Party Pack’ contains a mix of refreshments, balloons, games, music and is created to encourage UK businesses to hold shredding parties for employees where items are collected and shredded onsite by PHS Datashred.

Anthony Pearlgood, managing director of PHS Datashred, said:

“The benefits of shredding are countless, with people using it for everything from getting rid of past memories or to simply dispose of old junk. Everything from old journals and files to confidential documents can be thrown into the shredder and securely disposed. We’re encouraging businesses to enable staff to bring in their own documents as well as giving them an opportunity to safely and securely dispose of unwanted office paperwork.

“We’re always looking for ways to get shredding on the minds of people in the workplace. It is important that individuals and businesses take shredding seriously so anything which highlights the issue, even in a fun way, is a positive thing. We’re starting with a small trial in London and then, if successful we’ll roll it out nationwide.”

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