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Three Britons a day are trapped in the toilet

The UK fire brigade was called to more than 1,100 incidents during 2013 in which a member of the public had become trapped in domestic or public toilets.

This meant that around three Britons a day had to be rescued from a lavatory last year.

Firemen attended 1,132 incidents involving people unable to escape either from public toilets or their own bathrooms, a report revealed. A large proportion of the rescue missions were in London where crews were called out 395 times.

Most of the call-outs concerned children who had locked themselves inside the washroom according to fire and rescue investigator Mick Flanagan.

“These children have usually shut the door and locked it and are then unable open it again – and a panicking mum calls us out,” he said. “In these cases we would either put a ladder through the window or a foot through the door.”

However, more unusual call-outs included an inebriated Cardiff woman who needed rescuing after becoming trapped between a toilet and a wall after falling over.

And a child from Barnstaple, North Devon, had to be rescued by fire crews when his head became stuck in the toilet seat, while fire crews also had to free a man from Guildford, Surrey, who had accidentally locked himself inside a ladies’ loo

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