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Clover Chemicals Freshnit Kills Superbugs MRSA & C. Difficile

Clover Chemicals Freshnit Kills Superbugs MRSA & C. Difficile

The fight against the superbugs is currently a matter of extreme importance in the health sector. Managers of care homes and hospitals need to control both Clostridium Difficile and MRSA in order to prevent serious infection outbreaks. They will therefore need a cleaner/disinfectant which is both sporicidal and bactericidal, in order to ensure it is effective against both bacteria. Clover Chemicals can provide the solution:


Sporicidal action against C. Difficile

Bactericidal action against MRSA

Neutral formulation

High impact fragrance

Clostridium Difficile forms spores which can continue to survive and breed in harsh conditions. These spores are therefore very difficult to kill using traditional disinfectants. Freshnit has been proven to kill C. Difficile spores at a dilution of 1:20 (tested against C. Difficle ATCC 9689 to the European standard for the sporicidal activity of disinfectants, BS EN 13704).
Freshnit also has an outstanding bactericidal action. A 1:50 solution of Freshnit kills 99.999% of bacteria and had been proven to kill MRSA (tested against MRSA NCTC 12493 to BS EN 1276).

Clover Chemicals’ Freshnit has now been proven to kill both Clostridium Difficile and MRSA, making it the ultimate cleaner and disinfectant to combat today’s superbugs.
Freshnit is a neutral product which is perfect for the daily cleaning of all water washable floors and hard surfaces. It is ideal for use in care homes for disinfecting washroom surfaces, hand rails, door handles, tables, mobility equipment and any other surfaces where repeated hand contact may spread infection.

In addition to providing reliable disinfection, Freshnit also neutralises unpleasant odours, leaving a fresh, long-lasting pine fragrance. This makes it the ideal cleaner for combating malodour in washrooms.

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