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The importance of Paper Hand Towels

The importance of Paper Hand Towels

Paper Hand Towels are more important than we think in fighting the war against the spread of germs.

Damp hands spread up 1,000 times more germs than dry hands. This means that to keep them safe, drying your hands is as important as washing them.

Single-use paper hand towels ensure that hands can be completely dried. No germs are transmitted. Instead, paper hand towels help the actual cleaning process by generating friction.

Paper hand towels are preferred by a significant majority. But most important of all, they offer better protection than other drying options:

  • A single-use paper towel takes only a few seconds to completely dry your hands. A warm-air dryer takes an average of 43 seconds to achieve a 95 per cent dry.
  •  Paper towels are the only option that actually reduces the number of bacteria on your hands (by 77 per cent). Warm and hot air dryers can increase the bacteria on your hands by up to 254 per cent.
  • A soft, single-use facial tissue is recommended when coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. Throw it in a wastepaper basket after use.

In Tork dispenser systems, paper consumables are dispensed one at a time to maintain a high standard of hygiene and to control paper consumption.


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