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The Three Star Approach For Hand Washing In Schools

Handwashing in Schools

UNICEF’s Three Star Approach for WASH in Schools Field Guide is designed to improve the effectiveness of hygiene behavior change programs. The approach ensures that healthy habits are taught, practiced, and integrated into daily school routines. The Three Star Approach for WASH in Schools is designed to improve the effectiveness of hygiene behaviour change programmes. The approach ensures that healthy habits are taught, ... Read More »

Three Britons a day are trapped in the toilet

The UK fire brigade was called to more than 1,100 incidents during 2013 in which a member of the public had become trapped in domestic or public toilets. This meant that around three Britons a day had to be rescued from a lavatory last year. Firemen attended 1,132 incidents involving people unable to escape either from public toilets or their ... Read More »

The evolution of the washroom

A clean and well-managed washroom is essential to show visitors and employees a level of care and concern for their wellbeing, explains Stuart Taylor of Office Depot One-size-fits all is no longer acceptable for washroom supplies and there are a number of vital considerations when choosing what’s right for a washroom. These include: the level of traffic, the length of ... Read More »

The Top 10 Most Unusual Toilets in the World

To coincide with World Toilet Day on Tuesday of this week, Better Bathrooms compiled a list of what the staff feel are the 10 most unusual loos around the world and as well as being unusual they’re all currently completely free of charge to use. At 15,190 feet above sea level, Saint-Gervaise-Les-Bains on Mont Blanc has specially designed toilets for ... Read More »

Metsa invest 10 million in new Tissue machine

Mill Sales Direct supplier, Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, will invest EUR 10 million in a new tissue consumer products converting line at the Mariestad mill in Sweden. The investment will further strengthen Metsä Tissue’s position and competitiveness in the European tissue market. The new highly-efficient production line will increase Mariestad mill’s converting capacity up to 80,000 tonnes per ... Read More »

Study: Hand Washing Makes People Happy

According to a new study, frequent cleaning and proper hand washing can improve your mood.  In fact, the study found that the ritual of cleaning makes us more optimistic after failure and that people who washed their hands after failing a task were more confident they could complete it the next time. The study, conducted by Dr. Kai Kaspar, from ... Read More »

The 2013 Loo of the Year Awards event draws near

The Loo of the Year Awards take place on Friday 6 December at St John’s Hotel, Solihul. This is the must attend event for all those involved in ‘away from home’ toilets – cleaning and FM companies, toilet providers, washroom equipment product and service suppliers, directors, management, and – most importantly – toilet attendants and cleaning staff. This is an ... Read More »