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New methods, sweeping results

The Royal Preston Hospital in Preston, Lancashire, needed a way to reduce the dust on its floors before wet mopping. Bacteria need food, water, air and the right temperature to grow and in dust they have all the elements except one: water. Wet mopping onto dust gives bacteria the final element they need to grow, resulting in the spread of ... Read More »

Inteb calls for tighter Legionella regulation

Low energy, sustainability and commercial property compliance consultancy, Inteb, is calling for Legionella testing to be made compulsory, as the fight against the bacteria hots up. Inteb says the possible mutation of the Legionella bacteria that has been noted, which allows it to survive at temperatures up to 61 degrees C, is one reason to tighten up the law. It ... Read More »

New Study Shows Bacteria Can Linger in Airplane Cabins for Days

New research from the American Society for Microbiology shows that disease-causing bacteria can linger on surfaces commonly found in airplane cabins for up to seven days. “Many air travelers are concerned about the risks of catching a deseas from other passengers given the long time spent in crowded air cabins,” says Kiril Vaglenov, of Auburn University. “This report describes the results ... Read More »

Washing-up liquid bottle aims to clean up oceans

The world’s first washing-up liquid bottle made from reclaimed ocean plastic has gone on sale in the UK. The new Ocean Bottle washing-up liquid has been launched by green cleaning brand Ecover to highlight the long-term dangers of dumping plastic in the sea, which is killing fish on a large scale and threatening global ecosystems. In what it is calling ... Read More »

CHSA and the marque of high quality

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association (CHSA) is advising consumers of soft tissues products and plastic refuse sacks to seek, along with the CHSA logo itself, the Manufacturing Accreditation Schemes logos because the marques of quality.  “Our logos are important, every conveying a particular meaning and set of values to those who see them,” stated CHSA chair and managing director ... Read More »

Human sweat reduces bacteria defences in hospitals & schools

Sweaty hands can reduce the effectiveness of bacteria-fighting brass objects in hospitals and schools after just an hour of coming into contact with them, according to scientists at the University of Leicester. While copper found in everyday brass items such as door handles and water taps has an antimicrobial effect on bacteria and is widely used to prevent the spread ... Read More »

Tork launches podcast and Web TV on the way forward for FSC

Tork launches podcast and Web TV on the way forward for FSC The facility service and cleaning industries are dealing with a difficult paradox – to simultaneously enhance quality and reduce prices. In different words, FSC firms are under constant strain to extend operational effectivity, integrate new companies and grow to be much more skilled. To compile and share concepts ... Read More »

Bag cost welcomed, however missed oppurtunity

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has welcomed the inclusion of the 5p cost for single use bags, which was introduced in the Queen’s speech on 4th June, while criticising the Government for not going far enough. The organisation says: “It shall be a popular measure, will cut back littering and sends out the correct message that littering is unacceptable. “But ... Read More »

Rocking horse pump has India’s children jumping for joy

A novel method of encouraging children to wash their hands has been devised in India. Entrepreneurs and hygiene authorities have come up with a water pump that can be activated by children jumping on a rocking horse. Playing on the Jump Pump is said to be both easier and more fun than using a heavy, hand-operated pump to dispense clean ... Read More »

Researchers Develop Antibacterial Fabric

Researchers at the Australian University, RMIT, have have developed a brand new antibacterial cloth that may kill a variety of infectious micro organism, akin to M coli, within 10 minutes. The discovery might considerably cut back the chance of lethal hospital-acquired infections and revolutionize the way in which the medical business deals with infection management, the school says.Associate Professor Vipul ... Read More »