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Controlling Norovirus Outbreaks

In order to critically review the management of norovirus outbreaks, Hygiena International ATP test systems (involving a hand-held SystemSURE luminometer and UltraSnap swabs) has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning procedures, following two norovirus outbreaks on a cruise ship. Norovirus is the most prevalent cause of infectious gastroenteritis in the UK, and the ATP bioluminescence technique has been ... Read More »

The value of cleaning is more than simply Janitorial Supplies

At the peak of the recession, firms throughout the UK and Europe looked at methods to cut prices. Even the British Government put in place austerity measures that meant each public convenience came under financial scrutiny, however Simon Biggs, Operational Director of Monthind Clean, asks what damage continues to be being done to companies up and down the country who ... Read More »

Hand sanitisers market witnesses global growth

Hand sanitisers are growing in popularity as a result of rising consumer awareness, increasing focus on hand hygiene and the threat of diseases such as H1N1 flu in several parts of the world, according to a new report by GIA. The research forecasts that the global market for hand sanitisers will reach US$1.6 billion by 2020, as the focus on ... Read More »

Dirty looking public surfaces cleaner than average pair of hands

A new study has revealed that our hands are far more likely to make us unwell than the grubby surfaces we strive to avoid in public places. In the study, commissioned by sanitising water brand Aquaint, twenty-five swabs were taken from multiple high street and shopping centre locations across St Albans and Luton.  All of the swabs were taken from ... Read More »

Banish washroom blockages

A number of hospitals, leisure parks, catering outlets and retail stores have been switching to the Tork SmartOne system to help prevent expensive toilet blockages. Laboratory tests have shown Tork SmartOne to break down extremely efficiently in water. And when coupled with its consumption control benefits, the Tork SmartOne system becomes a highly cost-effective solution for away-from-home washrooms. A leading ... Read More »

Go with the flow – EcoTech

EcoTech (Europe) counts itself as one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of cleaning products in the UK. The company’s entire range now extends to over 400 products, 98% of which are produced in house at its Coventry factory and distributed throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East by a carefully selected group of distributors. The range is also available ... Read More »

Hygiene is essential during the music festival season

The music festival season is here – and once again hundreds of thousands of people will be gathering together in the open air to listen to music, have fun – and eat and drink together. Many festival foodstuffs such as hotdogs, burgers and sandwiches are eaten with the hands which means that hand hygiene is more important than ever. But ... Read More »

Study: Public Toilet Is Cleaner Than The Average Cell Phone

The average cell phone carries more than just a contact list, it also harbors 25,107 bacteria per square inch. This fact makes the cell phone one of the filthiest surfaces people come into contact with on a daily basis. No surprise, this far surpasses public toilet seats, which measure only 1,201 bacteria per square inch.Reports from Mashable highlight five common surfaces that ... Read More »

Study: Electric Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Using paper towels to dry your hands is far more hygienic than using electric hand dryers which actually increase the amount of bacteria on hands and can spread cross contamination in public washrooms, according to an independent scientific study. The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Westminster, London, measured the number of bacteria on subjects’ hands before washing ... Read More »